As tax season approaches, the importance of financial literacy becomes increasingly evident. Recognizing this need, the Mentors Project of Bibb County has taken a proactive approach to ensure that both parents and students are equipped with the necessary financial knowledge and skills.

In a remarkable collaboration, the Mentors Project, alongside SOAR ACADEMY and Cadence Bank, organized a financial literacy class. This initiative is a testament to the Mentors Project’s commitment to fostering an environment of financial empowerment and education within the community.

June O’Neal, the Executive Director of the Mentors Project, highlighted a common issue faced by many when receiving tax refunds. She noted, “Sometimes people get a tax refund and go to a check cashing place or don’t have a place to cash their checks.” This statement underscores the vital need for financial literacy education, particularly in understanding how to manage and optimize one’s finances.

During the class, a representative from Cadence Bank provided invaluable insights into the basics of personal finance. Attendees learned about the importance of having checking and savings accounts, which are fundamental tools for effective money management. Additionally, the representative shared various financial resources available to the community, further empowering attendees with knowledge and options to make informed financial decisions.

The collaboration between the Mentors Project, SOAR ACADEMY, and Cadence Bank serves as a shining example of community partnership. By coming together, these organizations are making a tangible difference in the lives of parents and students in Bibb County. Through education and practical advice, they are helping individuals build a stronger financial foundation for their future.

This event is just one of the many ways the Mentors Project of Bibb County is dedicated to enhancing the lives of its community members. By focusing on key areas such as financial literacy, the Mentors Project continues to pave the way for a more informed, empowered, and financially sound community.

Stay tuned for more updates and initiatives from the Mentors Project of Bibb County as they continue to make a positive impact in the lives of those they serve.


Mentors Project provides financial literacy event for parents and students